Sunday, April 19, 2020

What Every Engineer Should Know About Threaded Fasteners - Materials and Design

This reference book is designed to serve the needs of engineers, technicians, designers, and technologists concerned with standards, materials, and elementary formulas for the selection, procurement, and quality control of fasteners. The intent is to dispel some of the puzzles and to minimize distinct frustration over the bewildering maze of fastener options. No special knowledge of mechanics or metallurgy is required since the material consists of basic definitions, properties, and examples of calculations suitable for design, manufacturing, or sales offices. In addition, this book should be of use to students and teachers in technical schools establishing design and industry oriented curricula.

The presentation is set around the considerable body of materials and standards knowledge developed by Richard Belford, who for many years served as Managing

Director of the Industrial Fasteners Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. Belford's distinguished career in promoting both national and international standards is second to none.

If even in a modest way, this volume reflects such contributions, then the time and effort of the reader interested in fastener technology will indeed be well spent.

Contents :-
Preface iii
About the Author ix
2.Definitions of Screw Threads
3.Thread Forms
4.Comparison of Thread Series
5.Classes and Grades of Thread Fit
6.Effect of Thread Fit on Performance
7.Criteria of Strength and Fracture
8.Selection of Materials
9.Practical Strength Limits
10.Materials for Corrosive Environment
11.Materials for High Temperatures 

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