Friday, June 26, 2020

POCKET GUIDE TO :- Flanges,Fittings,& Piping Data (Third Edition)


1.ANSI Flanges :-
ANSI Standards. Flange Bores. Types of ANSI Flanges. Miscellaneous Flanges. Materials Control. Flange Dimensions. ANSI Flange Bolting.

2.ANSI Buttweld Fittings :-
Types of Buttweld Fittings. Special Buttweld Fittings. Material Cotnrol. Branch Olet Connections.

3.Refinery Pipe :-
Pipe Specifications. Storing Pipe. Calculations to Use.

4.API Flanges :-
Type 6B and 6BX Flanges. Bolting and Ring Gaskets for API Flanges. API Hubs and Clamps. API Ring Gaskets.

5.Stainless Steels :-
Dimensions and Markings. Types of Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Fittings. Stainless Steel Pipe. Identification Tests.

6.Miscellaneous Items
7.Pipeline Pigs

8.Materials Handling Tips :-
Tallying Pipes. Marking Fabricated Pipe Spools. Warehouse Layout Tips. Vendor Data. Storing Materials Inside/Outside.

Appendix A
Piping Abbreviations
Appendix B
Useful Formulas

Materials personnel are usually the first to be assigned to a project and the last to close it. Their responsibilities of collecting tables, catalogs, specifications, and materials accounting system forms and supplies commence even before they depart for the jobsite, which could very well be in Mukluk, AI Mukalla, AI Khobar, Belo Horizonte, or just outside of Houston. To have all the required documentation on hand at the jobsite is a real challenge.

This handbook is designed to bridge the gap for piping data and materials storage procedures until a more formal specification has been issued by your project manager. It is intended to help train new materials personnel on the project by answering questions they may be afraid to ask. The markings on fittings and pipe are explained in a non-technical language. Pipe schedules are provided to show equal schedules in certain sizes, but different call-outs such as standard and schedule 40.
Tables describing the size and length of bolts for flanges and clamps are included, in addition to the size wrench required to fit the nut. An oval ring gasket cross-reference
chart is also included.

The book is quite useful to drafters, purchasing agents, pipefitters, students, and project managers.
The material in the book is believed to be technically correct; neither the author nor Gulf Publishing Company warrant its use. Always consult the applicable specification issued by the project manager at your project.

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