Monday, July 27, 2020

Air Flow Control Design Manual

Table of Contents  :-
Experience and innovation
Air distribution
Volume flow measurement
Volume flow control
Room temperature control
Pressure control
Fan speed control
Volume flow measurement equipment
Special solutions
Balancing and shut-off
Room temperature controller
Control concepts
Control components
System integration
Design criteria
Unit selection
Project execution

What is Air Distribution  ?
Air distribution An essential feature for laying out air conditioning systems is air flow, which can be designed to be constant or variable. Accordingly, a differentiation is made between constant volume flow systems (CAV) and variable volume flow systems (VAV). These features can also apply to sections of a system since a combination of both types is technically feasible. The system selected depends on the overall concept of the building services. A constant system is only possible where other systems ensure zone-based temperature control, e.g. heating surfaces, or where temperature control is not requiredConstant volume systems provide every location with a constant airflow. However, a variety of systems with technical and economic differences are available.

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