Saturday, July 11, 2020

HVAC System and Components Handbook 2nd Edition by Nils R. Grimm Robert C. Rosaler

The HVAC Systems and Components Handbook is the second edition of the Handbook of  HVAC Design. To keep up with, and sometimes anticipate the technological and societal changes in HVAC, this second edition contains important new information. The entire book has been rearranged to follow a logical progression in format, making it easier to use as a textbook readable from beginning to end as an overview of the industry. Each chapter of the first edition was reviewed, updated and sometimes consolidated with other chapters when appropriate, to focus the book on systems and components.
Specifically, the new subjects include condensate control, radiant panel heating, refrigerants, heat pumps, air filtration and air pollution control equipment, scroll compressors, indoor air quality. This book is being published concurrently with the HVAC Maintenance and Operations Handbook. These two complementary volumes form the complete reference to HVAC technology.

Content :-
Part A. System Considerations.
  • Section 1. System Fundamentals.
  • Section 2. Design Considerations.
Part B. Systems and Components.
  • Section 3. Components for Heating and Cooling.
  • Section 4. Heat Generation Equipment.
  • Section 5. Heat Distribution Systems
  • Section 6. Refrigeration Systems for HVAC.
  • Section 7. Cooling Distribution Systems and Equipment.
Part C. General Considerations
  • 8.1 Automatic Temperature, Pressure, Flow Control Systems

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