Monday, July 27, 2020

Piping Loop Head Loss Calculator-System Designer for HVAC Systems

Instruction  :-
If Marco security level is set a high this program will result in errors in the cells [NAME?.].To reset the security level (Office 2003 and earlier),
  • Close the Program.
  • Click on "Tools" on the main tool bar, select "Macro" then select"Security"
  • Reset security level to medium (recommended) or low
  • Exit Excel
  • Re-Open Excel
  • Run Program

For 2007 Office products, the terminology "trust " has replaced "Security" and the procedure has been changed (as you might expect).To change the "trust " settings:
  • Open Excel
  • Click the Office button (top left corner of screen)
  • Click on"Trust Center"
  • Click on"Trsut Center Settings"
  • Click on"Enable all Macros"
  • Open and Run the Programs
  • An option would be to reset the trust setting by repeating steps 1 though 5 and,
  • Click on "Disable macros with notification"

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