Monday, August 17, 2020

Gas Metal Arc Welding: An Introduction (Download PPT File)


Definitions :- 
The Gas Metal Arc Welding Process is a consumable welding process where an arc is generated between a continuously fed, solid wire electrode and the grounded base metal. Heat from the arc melts the base metal and the wire electrode allowing them to be joined into a solid piece. The molten weld puddle is protected from the atmosphere by an externally supplied shielding gas.

Table of Content :- 
  1. GMAW Equipment Requirements.
  2. Advantages of the GMAW Process.
  3. Disadvantages of the GMAW Process.
  4. GMAW Applications.
  5. GMAW Variables - Before Welding.
  6. GMAW Variables – During Welding.
  7. Lack of Fusion or Cold Lapping.
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