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Introduction to Civil Engineering - Download PDF

This Presentation deals with
*Introduction to Civil Engineering
*Scope of Different fields of Civil Engineering
  • Architecture & Town Planning
  • Building Materials
  • Construction Technology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics, Water Resource & Irrigation Engineering
  • Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Structural Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Transportation Engineering
This Presentation also Deals with
* Roads

  • Basic Definition
  • Cross Section of road
  • Components of road
  • Types of road and their Functions
  • Definitions
  • Functions
  • Classification
  • Definition
  • Classification

* Infrastructure
* Types of Infrastructure
* Role of Civil Engineers in Infrastructure Development
* Effect of Infrastructure on economic development of a country

What is Engineering ?
* Ingenious means 'Clever Person' in Latin
* Engineer cleverly uses the available natural resources for the benefit of mankind.
* Provides comfort to mankind and makes life comfortable.
* Application of scientific and mathematical knowledge and rational thinking to improve living standards .

Civil Engineering
* Oldest branch of engineering, next to Military Engineering . All engineering works other than for military purpose where grouped in to civil engineering. Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & present day information technology followed it.
* A professional engineering discipline that deals with the analysis, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructural facilities such as buildings, bridges, dams, roads etc.
* Constructions are against nature.
* Application of physical, mathematical and scientific principles for the convenience of civilization.
* Began b/w 4000 BC and 2000 BC ( during Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia , Indus Valley Cavillations ).
* John Smeaton was the first self proclaimed civil engineer who built Eddystone Light House in 1771.

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