Friday, September 16, 2022



What is meant by a Beam in Engineering ?
A beam is a structural element which is capable of withstanding transverse loads. Simply a beam transfers its applied loads to the supports.
What is meant by a Support ?
A support is an element which bears the weight of a beam and keeps it upright. Simply we can say that it is a thing which keeps beam in Equilibrium.
What is meant by a Load ?

A load in this concept refers to the forces acting on Structures. This is the reason these can be also called as structural loads.

Types of Supports
  1. Fixed Support
  2. Simple Support
  3. Roller Support
  4. Hinged Support
  5. Types of Loads
Basing on the action of the forces the loads are classified into 3 Types
  1. Point Load (or) Concentrated Load
  2. Uniformly Distributed Load
  3. Uniformly Varying Load.

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