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Basic Note's on Diesel Power Plant (Download PDF)




  • Diesel Power Plants produce power in the range of 2 to 50 MW, are used as central stations for supply authorities and work.
  • They are used as standby sets for continuity of supply such as hospitals, telephone exchanges, radio stations , cinema theaters and industries.
  • They are suitable for mobile power generation and widely used in railways and ships.
  • Used as Peak Load Plants, Mobile Plants, Stand by units, Emergency plants, Starting Stations, Central Stations, Industries where power requirement is small 500kw.

Advantages of Diesel Power Plant

  • It can respond to varying loads without any difficulty.
  • It occupies less space.
  • For the same capacity diesel power plant is compact and smaller than a thermal power plant.
  • Diesel power plants are more efficient than steam power plants in the range of 150 MW capacity.

Disadvantages of Diesel Power Plant

  • High operating cost.
  • High maintenance and lubrication cost.
  • The capacity of a diesel plant is limited. They cannot be constructed in large sizes.
  • In a diesel plant noise is a serious problem.
  • Diesel power plants cannot supply over loads continuously where as steam power plants can work under 25 percent overload continuously.

Heat Engine : Any Type of engine or device that derives heat energy from combustion of fuel and converts to heat energy from combustion of fuel and converts to mechanical energy.
  • In an Internal Combustion Engine, combustion takes place within working fluid of the engine, thus fluid gets contaminated with combustion products.
  • Petrol Engine is an example of internal combustion engine, where the working fluid is a mixture of air and fuel.
  • In an External combustion engine, working fluid gets energy using boilers by burning fossil fuels or any other fuel, thus the working fluid does not come in contact with combustion products.
  • Steam engine is an example of external combustion engine, where the working fluid is steam.


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