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Practical Implementation of FACTs on a Model Transmission Line For Performance Improvement

  • What is FACTs ?
  • Objectives of FACTs
  • Types of FACTs Controllers
  • Transmission line Parameters & Design of FACTS Controllers
  • Advantages of FACTs Controllers
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

What is FACTs ?
  • FACTs is an acronym for Flexible AC Transmission Systems. FACTs uses solid state switching devices to control power flow through a transmission network, so that the transmission network is loaded to its full capacity.
  • FACTs idea was put forward by prof. hingorani of EPRI, USA in 1988.
  • A line can be loaded up to its full thermal limit by FACTs.
  • Power transfer can be increased thru an old line by FACTs.

History of FACTs
  • Flexible AC Transmission systems Technology (FACTs) was first proposed by the Dr Narain G. Hingorani in 1988 of electric power research institute (EPRI), USA.
  • The first FACTs installation was at the C.J. Slatt Substation near Arlington , Oregon.
  • This is a 500 kv, 3-phase 60Hz substation, and was developed by EPRI, the Bonneville power Administration and General Electric Company.

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