Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Small HVAC Problems And Potential Saving Reports ( Rare PDF Book ) Summary of Problems in Each Building


The products and outcomes presented in this report are part of the Integrated Design of Small Commercial HVAC Systems research project. The reports are a result of funding provided by the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program on behalf of the citizens of California. Architectural Energy Corporation would like to acknowledge the support and contributions of the individuals below:

Program and Contract Management: 
Cathy Higgins, New Buildings Institute; Don Aumann, California Energy Commission.

Technical Advisory Group (TAG): 
Tudi Hassl of Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI), Jan Johnson of Southern California Edison, John Proctor of Proctor Engineering Group, Richard Lord of Carrier Corporation, Dr. Mark Modera of Carrier Aeroseal.

Architectural Energy Corporation Project Team: 
Pete Jacobs led the project, with AEC staff support from Dave Roberts, Tracy Phillips, Erik Jeanette, John Wood, Matthew Potts, Kosol Kiatreungwattana, Pablo Calderon-Rodriguez and Judie Porter. RLW Analytics as a subcontractor provided field testing and engineering support and statistical analysis, including contributions from Roger Wright, Matt Brost, Jeff Staller, Eric Swan, Amber Watkins and Stacia Okura. Eskinder Berhanu, Principal of Eskinder Berhanu Associates also provided field testing and engineering support.

Additional Support: 
Alan Cowan and Jeff Johnson of New Buildings Institute, project technical review and Design Guide review; Darren Goody of PECI, Design Guide Review.
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