Sunday, October 21, 2018

40+ Lectures On Refrigeration And Air Conditioning

Contents :-

Lecture No 1  :- History of Refrigeration.
Lecture No 2  :- Refrigerant Compressors and Development.
Lecture No 3  :- Applications of RTAC.
Lecture No 4  :-  Review of Fundamentals/1.Thermodynamics.
Lecture No 5  :- Review of Fundamentals /2.Thermodynamics.
Lecture No 6   :- Fundamentals of Fluid flow.
Lecture No 7   :- Fundamentals of Heat Transfer.
Lecture No 8   :- Methods of Producing Low Temperatures.
Lecture No 9   :- Air Cycle Refrigeration Systems.
Lecture No 10 :- Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems.
Lecture No 11 :- Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems (Contd.).
Lecture No 12 :- Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems (Contd.).
Lecture No 13 :- Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems (Contd.).
Lecture No 14 :- Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems.
Lecture No 15 :- Vapour Absorption Refrigeration system (Contd).
Lecture No 16 :- Vapour Absorption Refrigeration systems (contd.).
Lecture No 17 :- Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems (Contd.).
Lecture No 18 :- Worked Out Examples - I.
Lecture No 19 :- Worked Out Examples - II.
Lecture No 20 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor.
Lecture No 21 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor(contd.).
Lecture No 22 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor(contd.).
Lecture No 23 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor(contd.).
Lecture No 24 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor(contd.).
Lecture No 25 :- Refrigeration System Components Compressor(contd.).
Lecture No 26 :- Refrigeration Systems Component: Condensers.
Lecture No 27 :- Refrigeration Systems Component: Condensers(contd.).
Lecture No 28 :- Refrigeration System Components: Condensers and Evaporators.
Lecture No 29 :- Refrigeration Systems Component Evaporators.
Lecture No 30 :- Refrigeration System Components: Expansion Devices.
Lecture No 31 :- Refrigeration System Components: Expansion Devices.
Lecture No 32 :- Analysis of Complete Vapour Compression System.
Lecture No 33 :- Analysis of Complete Vapour Compression System(contd).
Lecture No 34 :- Psychrometry.
Lecture No 35 :- Psychrometric processes.
Lecture No 36 :- Inside Design Conditions Thermal Comfort.
Lecture No 37 :- Psychrometry of Air Conditioning Systems.
Lecture No 38 :- Air Conditioning Systems.
Lecture No 39 :- Cooling and Heating Load Calculations: Solar Radiation.
Lecture No 40 :- Cooling and heating Load Calculations.
Lecture No 41 :- Cooling & heating Load Calculations (Contd.).
Lecture No 42 :- Cooling & Heating Load Calculations(Contd.).
Lecture No 43 :- Selection of Air coditioning Systems.
Lecture No 44 :- Transmission and Distribution of Air.
Lecture No 45 :- Transmission and Distribution of Air (Contd.).
Lecture No 46 :- Space Air Distribution.

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