Friday, October 19, 2018


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This handbook is dedicated to the memory of two pioneers in the
field of nondestuctive testing:
Robert C. McMaster, 1913–1986
Samuel A. Wenk, 1914–1990
Their work served as the foundation for the technology that has
become so important to industry. Without the contributions of
these “giants,” the world would not be the same.

Content :-

Chapter 1 Introduction to Nondestructive Testing.
Chapter 2 Discontinuities Origins and Classification.
Chapter 3 Visual Testing.
Chapter 4 Penetrant Testing.
Chapter 5 Magnetic Particle Testing.
Chapter 6 Radiographic Testing.
Chapter 7 Ultrasonic Testing.
Chapter 8 Eddy Current Testing.
Chapter 9 Thermal Infrared Testing.
Chapter 10 Acoustic Emission Testing.

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