Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Welding Handbook-Consumables for Manual and Automatic Welding, (Eighth Edition)


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What Is ESAB ?
The company was founded by Oscar Kjellberg. In 1904 he pioneered the development of manual metal arc welding electrodes in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company sells equipment used in welding and cutting.
Other notable CEO was Lars Westerberg who ran ESAB for three years.
The ESAB group was acquired by Colfax Corporation on 13 January 2012.
Following the purchase, the CEO of Colfax, Clay Kiefaber, stepped down to the president role of ESAB and was replaced by Steve Simms.
The ESAB group acquired the Welding Wire business of Sandvik effective February 1, 2018. The acquisition included production units in Scranton, PA, and Sandviken, Sweden; the technical sales and product management organization; as well as multiyear strategic collaboration on R&D for future product developments.


1. Consumables for mild steels
2. Consumables for low-alloyed steels
3. Consumables for stainless and high-alloyed steels
4. Consumables for aluminium alloys
5. Consumables for nickel-based alloys
6. Consumables for copper-based alloys
7. Consumables for cast iron
8. Consumables for dissimilar materials
9. Consumables for hardfacing
10. Special products
11. Packaging and spool types
12. Storage and handling
13. Quick guide for the selection of welding consumables
14. General information and tables

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