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Highway and Traffic Engineering in Developing Countries (Free PDF)

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 This book provides a complete text on highway and traffic engineering for developing countries. It is aimed principally at students and young engineers from the developed world who have responsibility for such work in the third world, but will also be valuable for local highway engineers

List of contributors
List of photographs and acknowledgements xiv
PART ONE: Introduction 
1. Highways and development
PART TWO: Highway Planning
2. Planning methods
3. Economic evaluation
4. The World Bank HDM model
PART THREE: Traffic Characteristics
5. Highway user behaviour

6. Traffic safety
PART FOUR: Geometric Design
7. Geometric design controls

8. Alignment
9. Cross-section
PART FIVE: Drainage
10. Hydrology

11. Hydraulic design
PART SIX: Pavements
12. Soil investigation

13. Tropical rocks and soils
14. Earthworks and pavements
15. Asphalt pavements
16. Pavement design
PART SEVEN: Construction
17. Construction contracts

18. Construction supervision
19. Labour-based construction
PART EIGHT: Maintenance
20. Maintenance operation

21. Maintenance management
PART NINE: Development Assistance
22. Development aid

23. The project cycle
PART TEN: Institutional Issues
24. Institutional strengthening
25. Training of staff
Author Details
"Bent Thagesen"Technical University of Denmark

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