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Intelligent Mechatronics: by Ganesh R Naik" (Free PDF)

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Over the last decade there has been an exponential growth in Mechatronics and intelligent systems activity, a growth that has lead to the development of exciting new products used in every day life. The discipline of Mechatronics is enormous in magnitude. Ideally, it combines mechanics, electronics, soft ware engineering, information systems, communication, control and artificial intelligence. 
Mechatronics is defined as the field of study involving the analysis, design, synthesis, and selection of systems that combine electronic and mechanical components with modern controls and microprocessors. Mechatronics is an engineering field that refers to mixed systems’ tight integration. Currently, this integration can be viewed as based on digital computer monitoring and control, but it cannot be denied that integration can be based on any other signal processing system and any form of raw power that can be modulated and transferred to the mixed system in accordance with the output
of the digital signal processor. Mechatronics refers to monitoring, control and integration not only of lumped parameters systems, but also of distributed parameters systems. This interdisciplinary approach is valuable to students because virtually every newly designed engineering product is a Mechatronic system.

Part 1: Intelligent Robotics
Chapter 1: A Mechatronic Perspective on Robotic Arms and End-Effectors
Chapter 2: A Torque Cancelling System for Quick-Motion Robots 
Chapter 3: Locomotion Control for Legged Robot by Virtual Contact Impedance Method 
Chapter 4: Development of a Simulation Environment Applied to the Study of Fault-Tolerant Control Systems in Robotic Manipulators. Theoretical and Practical Comparisons 
Chapter 5: Kinematic Task Space Control Scheme for 3DOF Pneumatic Parallel Robot 
Part 2: System Interfacing, Instrumentation and Control
Chapter 6: Blind Source Separation Based Classification Scheme for Myoelectric Prosthesis Hand
Chapter 7: Feedback Control and Time-Optimal Control about Overhead Crane by Visual Servo and These Combination Control
Chapter 8: Intelligent Methods for Condition Diagnosis of Plant Machinery
Part 3: Physical System Modelling and Real Time Applications
Chapter 9: Methodology for Reusing Real-time HiL Simulation Models in the Commissioning and Operation Phase of Industrial Production Plants
Chapter 10: Hybrid Planning for Self-Optimization in Railbound Mechatronic Systems
Chapter 11: An Evidence Accrual Data Fusion Technique for Situational Assessment
Chapter 12: Intelligent Mechatronic System for Automatically Evaluating the Training of the Laparoscopic Surgeon
Chapter 13: Reliability of Authenticated Key Establishment Protocols in a Complex Sensor System 

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"Dr. Ganesh R Naik"RMIT University,

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