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Machine Elements Life and Design (Free PDF)


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This book describes the behavior of some machine elements during action, based on our understanding accumulated over many decades of machine design. We have sought to describe the
mechanisms of interaction between the motion participants in as much detail and depth as the scope
of our knowledge and the volume of the book allow.

Our understanding is based in many respects on the work of others, and we have made reference to all authors and publications known to us. But the literature of mechanical engineering is vast, and we welcome notification by any author inadvertently omitted to enable us to amend this omission in the future.

Chapter 1 to Chapter 11 were written mainly by Boris M. Klebanov. Chapter 12 was written mainly by David M. Barlam, who also performed all the calculations using the finite element method (FEM) that appears in the book. Chapter 13 was written jointly by Boris M. Klebanov and David M. Barlam. Frederic E. Nystrom edited the entire work, including the text, tables, and illustrations.

PART I: Deformations and Displacements
Chapter 1: Deformations in Mechanisms and Load Distribution over the Mated Surfaces of Parts
Chapter 2: Movements in Rigid Connections and Damage to the Joint Surfaces
Chapter 3: Deformations and Stress Patterns in Machine Components
PART II: Elements and Units of Machines
Chapter 4: Shafts
Chapter 5: Shaft-to-Hub Connections
Chapter 6: Supports and Bearings
Chapter 7: Gears
Chapter 8: Gear Design
Chapter 9: Housings
Chapter 10: Bolted Connections (BCs)
Chapter 11: Connection of Units
PART III: Life Prediction of Machine Parts
Chapter 12: Strength of Metal Parts
Chapter 13: Calculations for Strength
Chapter 14: Finale

Author Details
"Dr. Boris Klebanov" has spent all 48 years of his professional life in the design of diesel engines
and drive units for marine and land applications, reduction gears, hydraulic devices, and mine
clearing equipment. His Ph.D. thesis (1969) was on the strength calculation and design of gears.
He is the author of many articles and coauthor of two books in the field of machinery.

"Dr. David Barlam" is a leading stress engineer and a senior researcher at Israel Aircraft Industry
(IAI), specializing in stress and vibration in machinery — the field in which he has accumulated
37 years of experience in the industry and seven years in academia. He is an adjunct professor at
Ben-Gurion University. Dr. Barlam’s current industrial experience, since 1991, includes dealing
with diversified problems in aerospace and shipbuilding.

"Frederic Nystrom" has since 1997 held the position of senior project engineer at Twin Disc, Inc.
(Racine, WI). He is responsible for management of both R&D projects and new concept development, focusing on marine propulsion machinery for both commercial and military applications. Prior to that, beginning in 1989, he worked as a senior engineer at Electric Boat Corp., Groton, CT (a division of General Dynamics).

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