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Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design (Ninth Edition)

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This text is intended for students beginning the study of mechanical engineering design. The focus is on blending fundamental development of concepts with practical  specification of components. Students of this text should find that it inherently directs them into familiarity with both the basis for decisions and the standards of industrial components. For this reason, as students transition to practicing engineers, they will find that this text is indispensable as a reference text. The objectives of the text are to:

• Cover the basics of machine design, including the design process, engineering mechanics and materials, failure prevention under static and variable loading, and characteristics of the principal types of mechanical elements
• Offer a practical approach to the subject through a wide range of real-world applications and examples
• Encourage readers to link design and analysis
• Encourage readers to link fundamental concepts with practical component specification

Part 1: Basics
1. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design
2. Materials
3. Load and Stress Analysis
4. Deflection and Stiffness
Part 2: Failure Prevention
5. Failures Resulting from Static Loading
6. Fatigue Failure Resulting from Variable Loading
Part 3: Design of Mechanical Elements
7. Shafts and Shaft Components
8. Screws, Fasteners, and the Design of Nonpermanent Joints
9. Welding, Bonding, and the Design of Permanent Joints
10. Mechanical Springs
11. Rolling-Contact Bearings
12. Lubrication and Journal Bearings
13. Gears—General
14. Spur and Helical Gears
15. Bevel and Worm Gears
16. Clutches, Brakes, Couplings, and Flywheels
17. Flexible Mechanical Elements
18. Power Transmission Case Study
Part 4: Analysis Tools 19. Finite-Element Analysis
20. Statistical Considerations
A Useful Tables
B Answers to Selected Problems

Author Details
"Richard G. Budynas" is Professor Emeritus of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has over 40 years experience in teaching and practicing mechanical engineering design. He is the author of a McGraw-Hill textbook, Advanced Strength and Applied Stress Analysis, Second Edition; and co-author of a McGraw-Hill reference book, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, Seventh Edition.

"J. Keith Nisbett" is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. He has over 25 years of experience with using and teaching from this classic textbook. As demonstrated by a steady stream of teaching awards, including the Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, he is devoted to finding ways of communicating concepts to the students. He was awarded the BS, MS, and Ph.D. of the University of Texas at Arlington.

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