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Diesel Generator Handbook

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Diesel Generator Handbook meets the need for an authoritative reference work covering the range of mechanical and electrical topics embodied in the practical design and application of diesel generating plant. It will be particularly welcomed in many parts of the developing world where the diesel generator is basic to the electricity supply system.

The discussion covers, in fifteen chapters, the prime mover, power ratings, synchronous generators, load assessment, control principles and systems, switchgear and controlgear, standby power, fuels and lubricating oilss, installation and commissioning, noise reduction, and plant operation and maintenance.

The book thus caters for all who are concerned with the selection, specification, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of diesel-based generator systems: not only the practising plant or services engineers, but also non-specialist engineers and users. The young technician or trainee engineer who is embarking on a career in the supply industry will find this handbook an invaluable investment.


1. Reciprocating internal combustion engines
2. Power rating and performance
3. A C Generators - general
4. A.C. generators - performance characteristics
5. Load considerations
6. Engine governing
7. Automatic voltage regulation
8. Parallel operation of generating sets
9. Switchgear and controlgear
10. Prime mover and generator protection
11. Emergency and standby AC power supplies
12. Fuels and lubricating oils
13. Installation and commissioning
14. Plant noise reduction
15. Operation and maintenance 
Appendix A. Conversion factors and formulae
Appendix B. Batteries
Appendix C. Soil resistivity measurements and surveys
Appendix D. Device function numbers

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"L L J Mahon" 

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