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Solar PV Powered Air Conditioning Unit for a Train

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The objective of the present work is to design and select an air conditioning unit for a train coach using solar energy as the only source of energy, instead of the conventional system which is powered by a diesel generator.

The work is based on the estimation of air conditioning power consumption during 10 hours. An extensive study was done on calculating coach cooling load and sizing a suitable PV system.
Two options were considered: the first one was to use an alternating current PV system and the second one was to use a direct current PV system. Then an economical feasibility study was conducted to compare between the two systems and to study the overall economy of the proposed solar air conditioning unit. The first option was found to be the most economically feasible.

Table of contents
List of figures
List of tables
Chapter 1.Introduction
1.2.The objectives of the study
1.3.Importance of study
Chapter 2.Previous studies and PV technologies
2.2.Previous studies
2.3.PV technology
2.4.Energy storage
2.5.Electrochemical batteries
2.6.Energy density and efficiency
Chapter 3.Sudan railways
3.2.Sudan railways corporation
3.3.Mechanical at work shop
3.4.Commercial production
Chapter 4.Air conditioning load calculations
4.2.Air conditioning load estimation
4.3.Air conditioning calculation for a train coach
Chapter 5.PV system sizing
5.2.AC air conditioning unit powered by PV system
5.3.DC solar air conditioning unit
5.4.Economical analyses for PV systems
Chapter 6.Conclusion and recommendations

Author Details
"SAMAH IZZELDEEN MOHAMMED OSMAN" B.Sc. (Honors) in Mechanical Engineering, 2011, Sudan University of Science and Technology.

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