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Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering

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In most school, a survey course in electrical engineering is required for engineering students not majoring in electrical engineering. Such a course will treat passive electrical networks, electronic devices and circuits, magnetic circuits and electric machines, linear systems, control systems, and instrumentation-or at least most of these topics-in a two semester sequence. The present Outline is designed to supplement the standard textbooks for this survey course; it could also function as a textbook in its own tight. It should find further use as a review guide for Those (Electrical engineers and others) who wish to take the Professional Engineer's Examination.

Chapter 1: Definitions and Basic Concepts
Chapter 2: Circuit Elements and Laws
Chapter 3: Analysis of Resistive Circuits
Chapter 4: Transients in DC Circuits
Chapter 5: AC Circuits Under Steady State
Chapter 6: Special Forcing Functions and La[lace Transforms
Chapter 7: Diodes
Chapter 8: Bipolar Junction Transistors
Chapter 9: Field-Effect Transistors
Chapter 10: Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 11: Electron Tubes: The Vacuum Triode
Chapter 12: Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 13: Transformers
Chapter 14: Electromechanics and Electric Machines
Chapter 15: Concepts of Control. Transfer Functions
Chapter 16: Block Diagrams and Signal Flow Graphs
Chapter 17: Control Criteria and Response

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"Jimmie J. Cathey, Ph.D."

"Syed A. Nasar, Ph.D."

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