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Pipe Fitting & Pipe Bending − (40 Hours Course)

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Objectives of  40 Hours Manual:
At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:
• Calculate length of pipe systems using the metric and inch system
• Calculate the Volume of cylindrical forms
• Interpret drawings to fabricate pipe systems
• Identify typically used materials, tools and equipment used in Pipe Fitting & Pipe Bending
• Identify common fittings, valves, pressure gauges, flow meters
• Know the common methods to fit pipes together
• Layout, cut thread and install pipes for water supply systems
• Know different possibilities on how to bend pipes (hydraulic pipe bender and hot bending)
• Know the basics about installing a building water supply system (circular pump, different
valves, flow meter, pressure gauge …..)
• Know the basics about PVC−Pipe Processing

1. Technical Mathematics for Pipe Fitters
2. Technical Drawing & Symbols
3. Typical Materials & Tools used for Pipe Fitting and for Pipe Installations
4. Pipe Fitting Process for Galvanized Pipes
5. Bending Prinziples
6. Cold bending of Pipes
7. Hot Bending of Pipes
8. PVC Pipes
9. Safety Precautions 

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