Saturday, March 30, 2019

Solid Works Piping

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SolidWorks Piping product brings the timesaving performance of SolidWorks to the task of designing piping systems. Built-in capability includes the ability to assemble piping networks built of standard content (from SolidWorks, fitting vendors or other suppliers) along with customer-developed content.

SolidWorks Piping was developed to be able to design systems requiring a wide range of piping technologies including butt-welded, socket connected, flanged, and thread-connected systems. In all cases, the fundamental capabilities of SolidWorks are maintained —including building on the 3D sketcher and the power of configurations to drive variations on the necessary fittings and parts. In fact, SolidWorks Piping only adds two more toolbar icons to the standard assortment provided by SolidWorks.

This guide provides detailed examples for developing pipe routes constructed of welded pipe and tubing components. These examples are included on the CD that accompanies this book.

1. Piping Basics
2. Tees, Flanges, and Standard Elbows
3. Non-standard Elbows
4. Non-Standard Pipe Connections
5. Routing Tubing
6. Auto Mate

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