Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pipe Fabrication Materials, Drawing and Fabrication Methods

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Pipelines are used to transport fluids, including vapours, gases, slurries and powders which flow through pipes at various pressures and temperatures. The transmission of these materials invariably subjects the pipe to intense stresses and strains and this demands the highest possible performance from the pipe.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to pipe fabrication
1. About pipe fabrication
2. Codes and standards
3. Approval of piping systems
4. Pipe fabrication abbreviations
Chapter 2 – Materials
1. Piping systems
2. Pipe
3. Pipe fittings
4. Flanges
5. Gaskets
6. Valves
7. Bolts
8. Brackets and hangers (support)
9. Identification of piping
Chapter 3 – Drawing
1. Types of drawings
2. Types of projection
3. Parallel line.
4. Piping symbols
5. Dimensioning and line types
Chapter 4 – Fabrication methods
1. Pipe fabrication
2. Preparing for fabrication
3. Fabrication process
4. Welding process.
Appendix 1 – MRC Data Chart

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