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Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control

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During the past decade power generation has undergone several extremely significant changes. These include deregulation of the electricity industry in many parts of the world, with a greater focus on economic and financial concerns instead of purely engineering issues. In conjunction with this, environmental matters are of increasing interest, leading to an assessment of existing greenhouse gas emissions and the exploitation of renewable energy sources. Additionally, combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs) have emerged as an extremely economic and efficient means of electricity generation. Finally, many power plants have been retro-fitted with modern and sophisticated, plant-wide instrumentation and control equipment. These computerbased distribution control systems (DCSs) are intended to enhance regulation control performance and more importantly provide a means for implementing supervisory control/monitoring schemes.

These various considerations have led to significant changes in the philosophy of how power stations are operated, while at the same time affording engineers the opportunity to introduce monitoring and plant-wide control schemes which were previously infeasible. However, a distinction has largely arisen between those working in the power and control oriented research communities, with centres of excellence in scattered locations, and engineers engaged in power plant design, operation, consultancy, etc. The objective of this book is to address this issue, through a number of case studies, which illustrate how various methodologies can be applied to various subsystems of power plant operation, or indeed introduced into the overall control hierarchy. The case studies presented focus on what can feasibly be achieved with an indication of the subsequent benefits of doing so, using results from live plant where possible.

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1. Advances in power plant technology
Part 1: Modelling and simulation 
2. Modelling of power plants
Part 2: Control 
3. Modelling and control of pulverised fuel coal mills
4. Generator excitation control using local model networks
5. Steam temperature control
6. Supervisory predictive control of a combined cycle thermal power plant
7. Multivariable power plant control
Part 3: Monitoring, optimisation and supervision 
8. Extending plant load-following capabilities
9. Modelling of NOx emissions in coal-fired plant
10 .Model-based fault detection in a high-pressure heater line
11. Data mining for performance monitoring and optimisation
12. Advanced plant management systems
Part4: The future 
13. Physical model-based coordinated power plant control
14. Management and integration of power plant operations

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"Damian Flynn"

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