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The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters

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Have you ever wondered how some people can think so differently from you? Does it seem impossible to understand why others are so sure they are right when you know they are wrong? How can people be so opposite?

That had me puzzled for years, and the only thing that ever helped me to understand these differences was the study of numerology. I have researched and pondered the subject for years because this science is deep and much can be understood only by meditation on symbols.

As I researched I found answers to unusual phenomena that I had experienced and some I had heard about. I never expected to find answers to explain them, but I did; answers that are scientific and logical.

I eventually found these answers only because I had begun having vivid dreams with numbers in them. I wondered what they meant. People began asking me if I knew what numbers meant. Why do they ask me? I wondered. Maybe I’m supposed to know.

A friend gave me a quarterly list of events at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, and I saw there was going to be a seminar on numerology. I had to go.

At that seminar I learned the basic meanings of numbers and how to analyze my own name. I was stunned. The vowels told me my innermost desires; the consonants, my personality. My whole birth name told me my talents and destiny, while my birth date told me what I’m supposed to do with those talents. This would have been invaluable information for me when I was deciding on a major in college. But what was most interesting was how true the information was.

Preface: Quest for Truth, Search for Knowledge
Introduction by Matthew Oliver Goodwin
Part One: The Search for the Science Behind It All
1. Unveiling the Secret Science
2. The Power of a Name
3. The Power of the Word
4. The Power of Thought
5. The Fourth Dimension
6. As Above, So Below
7. The Influence of Music
Part Two: Tracing the Roots
8. Pythagoras: (582 B.C.–507 B.C.)
9. The Roots of Numerology
10. Introduction to the Mysteries
Part Three: Mystical Letters
11. Prelude to Letters
12. The 1 Letters:
13. The 2 Letters:
14. The 3 Letters:
15. The 4 Letters:
16. The 5 Letters:
17. The 6 Letters:
18. The 7 Letters:
19. The 8 Letters:
20. The 9 Letters:
Part Four: Number Groups and Numbers
21. Number Groups
22. Prelude to Numbers
23. Numbers
24. Master Numbers
Part Five: Keys To Self-Knowledge and Word Analysis
25. The Keys to Personal Vibrations
26. W: Double-You
27. Y: Vowel or Consonant?
28. Double Soul’s Urge Example: Walt Disney
29. Prelude to Word Analysis
30. The Keys to Word Analysis
31. Solving the Mystery of the 666
Part Six: The New Age Inner Guidance Number
32. Introducing the Inner Guidance Number
Index of Analyzed Words
About the Author

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"Shirley Lawrence", Msc.D has had a life-long interest in the study of philosophies, the pursuit of
truth being her passion. Since completing the Science of Mind Practioner’s course under Dr. Jack Ensign Addington in 1957, Lawrence continued to seek answers in the Bible, and found more than she expected in the study of numbers. With this information, she became a popular lecturer.

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