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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Aquaponic Gardening

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An aquaponic garden allows a gardener to avoid chemical fertilizers by using fish to provide nutrients for the plants. The plants grow in a soil-free environment, and the roots clean the water for the fish. Together, the fish and plants work together so the water can be recycled indefinitely. You only need to replace water that has evaporated, reducing your water bill.

Aquaponic gardens produce food naturally with much less water than a conventional garden. Aquaponics is becoming popular among people concerned about nutrition, avoiding artificial additives, and protecting the environment.

You can create an aquaponic garden almost anywhere you can bring together light and space using a footprint as small as a single square foot. And aquaponics is easy. Once you’ve created your system, you won’t need to water or weed it, or even bend over. You will be able to grow more plants in less space than in a traditional garden, and your plants will grow faster and larger.

Part 1: Creating Your System
1. What Is Your Vision?
2. Giving Your Plants the Right Light
3. Water: Vital to All Forms of Life
4. Fish Tanks, Grow Beds, and Plumbing
5. Making Water Move: Pumps and Standpipes
Part 2: Growing Options
6. Growing in Gravel: Using Media Beds
7. Flooding and Draining a Media Bed
8. Taking Advantage of Vertical Space
9. Growing in Water
Part 3: Nutrients and Plants
10. Making Fertilizer Out of Fish Waste
11. Which Plants Grow Best?
12. Starting, Planting, and Propagating Plants
13. Fish-Safe Pest Control
14. Growing Abundant Amounts of Healthy Produce
Part 4: Fish and Other Animals
15. Adding Fish to Your Aquaponic Garden
16. Other Useful Animals
17. Taking Care of Your Fish
Part 5: Beyond the Basics
18. Extend Your Growing Season with a Greenhouse
19. Heating and Cooling Your Garden
20. Automating Your Garden
21. When You Can’t Use Public Electricity or Water
22. Maintaining Your Garden
23. Integrated Aquaponic Systems
24. Do-It-Yourself Systems
A Glossary
B Resources

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