Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Alternative Energy Technologies: An Introduction with Computer Simulations

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Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly important in a world striving for energy independence, clean air, and a reprieve from global warming. Solar cells, wind power, and biofuels are some of the competing alternative energy sources hoping to gain a foothold in our future energy mix, and the economic advantages of these technologies are continually increasing as costs are reduced and efficiencies increased. This book introduces the basic science behind a wide range of alternative energy technologies, albeit in a unique way. Alternative sources of energy are introduced through some simple computer models which can be used to capture their behavior. Computers have permeated throughout our entire way of life, and revolutionized scientific research, opening up a whole new way in which we do science and engineering. This book not only introduces the science behind alternative energy sources (as well as some of the environmental needs for alternative energy sources), but also the role of computer simulations in elucidating the science of these systems. In particular, simple models implemented within spreadsheet environments are discussed which makes the simulations straightforward and accessible to students with no prior programming experience. The computer models introduced in this book could be taught as part of a regular class, used as a spring board for student research, or used by researchers not familiar with computer modeling to explore the power and versatility of simple computer simulations.

1. Introduction to Alternative Energy Sources
2. Introduction to Computer Modeling
3. Global Warming and Pollution
4. Solar Cells
5. Wind Power
6. Biofuels
7. Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cells

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"Gavin Buxton"

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