Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mac Application Development For Dummies (Free PDF)

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This book will help you get started with the resources of Macintosh development to show you only what’s absolutely necessary to start developing Mac apps that are useful and rewarding for your users. And at the end, you’ll see how to polish your apps to make them ready for submission and review at the Macintosh App Store, so your apps can find Mac users worldwide, and users can purchase and download your app with the click of their mouse.

Part I: Getting Started on Macintosh Apps
Chapter 1: Gathering What You Need to Develop Mac Apps
Chapter 2: Mac OS X Coding with Xcode
Chapter 3: Giving Your App Something to Do
Chapter 4: Objective-C and Cocoa Applications
Part II: A View to an App
Chapter 5: Using Interface Builder to Lay Out Your Views
Chapter 6: Controlling Your Windows and Views
Chapter 7: Drawing Advanced Views
Part III: Focus on the User
Chapter 8: Maintaining Your Users’ Data
Chapter 9: Working in the Background
Chapter 10: Printing Your User’s Data
Part IV: Polishing and Supporting Your App
Chapter 11: Debugging Your App
Chapter 12: Putting On the Finishing Touches
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 13: Ten Useful Apple Sample Apps
Chapter 14: Ten Macintosh Development Tips

Author Details
"Karl Kowalski" has traveled the world of computers and software development for far longer than he’s willing to admit. He has written programs for airplanes, robots, games, and even particle accelerators, and he has developed software on platforms ranging from desktop computer to mainframes and all the way down to smartphones.

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