Thursday, August 8, 2019

Optimal Economic Operation of Electric Power Systems

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This book treats problems of optimal operation in electric power systems. One of our purposes is to introduce and review a wide range of problems and algorithms in this area. The second is to underline the importance of certain developments in mathematical optinlization and computational techniques and their influence on the field of power systems engineering. Recently developed optimal strategies for a wide class of problems are stressed. These rely on the minimum norm approach within the framework of functional analytic optimization methods.

Our audience consists mainly of graduate engineers and applied scientists concerned with the applications of mathematical techniques to large scale systems. The book will be of particular interest to utility engineers involved in planning the operation of electric power systems. Parts of the book may be adopted for a senior or graduate course in electric power systems engineering or optimal control applications.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Modeling for Optimal Operation
Chapter 3: Mathematical Optimization Techniques
Chapter 4: All-Thermal Power Systems
Chapter 5: Power Systems with Hydro Plants Not on the Same Stream
Chapter 6: Power Systems with Coupled Hydro Plants
Chapter 7: Optimal Hydro-Thermal Load Flow and Realistic Models
Chapter 8: Conclusions

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