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Practical Lighting Design With LEDs (Free PDF)

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LEDs are bringing in a new era in lighting. Similar to the evolution of computing power that computers went through, from vacuum tubes to the silicon - based semiconductor brains of modern - day computers, lighting is now poised to ride an exponential growth wave in efficacy. From oil lamps to the invention of the Edison light bulb 100 years ago to the fluorescent lights of 50 years ago to the LEDs of today, lighting technology is fi nally joining the modern world of solid - state technology.

In the near term, LED - based lighting will increasingly become the efficient light source of choice, replacing both incandescent and fluorescents. The hurdles that keep consumers from adopting present - day energy efficient lighting, such as shape, color quality, the presence of toxic mercury, and limited lifetime, are all better addressed by LEDs.

In the long term, LED - based lighting will be better and cheaper than every other light source. It will become the defacto light of choice. LED lighting will be cheap, efficient, and used in ways that haven’t been imagined yet. It will transform the $100 billion lighting industry, and with transformation comes opportunity.

1. Practical Introduction to LEDs
2. Light Bulbs and Lighting Systems
3. Practical Introduction to Light
4. Practical Characteristics of LEDs
5. Practical Thermal Performance of LEDs
6. Practical Thermal Management of LEDs
7. Practical DC Drive Circuitry for LEDs
8. Practical AC Drive Circuitry for LEDs
9. Practical System Design With LEDs
10. Practical Examples
11. Practical Measurement of LEDs and Lighting
12. Practical Modeling of LEDs
IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering

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