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React Native for iOS Development (Free PDF)

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As the title suggests, this is an introduction to React Native. React has become a leading technology for building fast, responsive native iOS apps.

You will begin by understanding the path breaking concepts of React, which makes it distinctive. React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and yet is much more. You will set up React Native and begin exploring the anatomy of React Native apps. You will learn about the React “way of thinking” and “write once and read everywhere” and how that works. You will learn why the DOM can impede the speed of any usage heavy or large app and how React offers an incredible and simple solution in Virtual DOM to speed your applications. You’ll also learn about flux architecture, how it differs from MVC, and how you can include it in your React Native project to solve problems differently and efficiently. You will learn to create stunning user interfaces and interact with the various device capabilities. You will then boost your development capabilities by including some popular packages already developed by the React Native community that will helps you write less but do more. Finally, you’ll learn to how write test cases and submit your application to App Store. Using real-world examples with an example-driven approach, you will learn by doing and have a running app at the end of each chapter.

In all, we hope that you will find this a useful and quick read that will get you started with creating responsive and efficient apps.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Learning the Basics: A Whistle-Stop Tour of React
Chapter 2: The Simplest Program: Hello World with React Native
Chapter 3: Canvas, Brush, and Paint: Working with the User Interface
Chapter 4: Flux: Solving Problems Differently
Chapter 5: Device Capabilities
Chapter 6: Communicating with Servers
Chapter 7: React Native Supplements

Author Details
"Akshat Paul" is a developer and author of the book “RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials”. He has extensive experience of mobile and web development and has delivered many enterprise and consumer applications over the years.

"Abhishek Nalwaya" is an author of the book, “RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials”. He is a Ruby enthusiast and loves to participate regularly at Ruby and Ruby on Rails meetup groups. He works for a management consulting firm.

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