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Basic Statistics: A Primer for the Biomedical Sciences (4th Edition)

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This book is designed to serve as a textbook for a one-semester course in biostatistics for students or reseachers in the biomedical field. We have also included material that will be useful to physicians, public health workers, and nurses who become involved in research projects and wish not to only understand the basic concepts of biostatistics but also to apply them in their research projects.

The mathematics level has been kept deliberately low. We have provided formulas and examples so that the reader can see how to make the calculations, as this is useful in understanding what is done. References are provided for statistical programs that will perform the calculations and graphs for use in research projects.

Preface to the Fourth Edition
1. Initial Steps
2. Populations and Samples
3. Collecting and Entering Data
4. Frequency Tables and Their Graphs
5. Measures of Location and Variability
6. The Normal Distribution
7. Estimation of Population Means: Confidence Intervals
8. Tests of Hypotheses on Population Means
9. Variances: Estimation and Tests
10. Categorical Data: Proportions
11. Categorical Data: Analysis of Two-way Frequency Tables
12. Regression and Correlation
13. Nonparametric Statistics
14. Introduction to Survival Analysis
Appendix A: Statistical Tables
Appendix B: Answers to Selected Problems

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