Monday, September 23, 2019

Collaborative Web Hosting: Challenges and Research Directions

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TheWeb has tremendous importance worldwide. It has arguably become the world’s greatest resource for information, and its success has fostered a variety of new ways for people to share information, communicate, and interact. Over the past decade, a wave of cultural phenomena – including Facebook, Google+, Flicker, YouTube, and MySpace – have all utilized the Web as their interface. However, cloud-based solutions for online storage, backup, and sharing of multimedia content over the Web have inherent privacy perils. Users have to put their trust on the cloud-service providers. Service providers dictate the terms of usage, and potentially gain control over users’ contents. Beside the privacy concern, transporting huge volumes of user-generated, multimedia content to distant data centers may not be bandwidth friendly for unpopular contents. A peer-to-peer (P2P) Web-based content sharing architecture can subside these problems. This book investigates the challenges in P2P web hosting and presents a potential solution named pWeb. Three major challenges have been addressed in pWeb: (a) persistent naming ofWeb contents over non-persistent P2P networks, (b) decentralizedWeb content searching and distributed ranking of search results, and (c) ensuring content availability with minimal replication overhead. pWeb will allow free hosting of websites and multimedia Web contents, without limitation on content type or size. This will provide anybody the opportunity to publish to the masses, rather than restricting them by economics. In addition, freedom of speech is a valued principle; however worldwide there are many who strive to block access to certain information. The distributed approach of pWeb is inherently resistant to censorship, and will help to spread this freedom worldwide.

1. Introduction
2. Plexus: Routing and Indexing
3. Naming4 Collaborative Web Search
5. Availability
6. Conclusion

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"Reaz Ahmed"

"Raouf Boutaba"

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