Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Detailing of Reinforcement in Concrete Structures - PDF

  • Detailing is often considered to be the preparation of working drawings showing the size and location of the reinforcement in a concrete structure.
  • Detailing involves the communication of the engineer’s design to the contractors who build the structure. It involves the translation of a good structural design from the computer or calculation pad into the final structure.
  • Good detailing ensures that reinforcement and concrete interact efficiently to provide satisfactory behavior throughout the complete range of loading.
  • In this seminar, for successful successful detailing in structural elements and connections are outlined.
  • The detailing requirements of a reinforcement bar depend on the reasons for its inclusion in the structure.

Reasons include:
  1. To carry internal tensile forces, thereby imparting strength and ductility;
  2. To control flexural cracking;
  3. To control direct tension cracking in restrained structures;
  4. To carry compressive forces; 5. To provide restraint to bars in compression;
  5. To provide confinement to concrete in compression;
  6. To limit long‐term deformation;
  7. To provide protection against spalling; and
  8. To provide temporary support for other reinforcement during construction.

Guiding principles:
  • Determine location and direction of all internal forces (i.e. establish a load path that satisfies equilibrium);
  • Use adequately anchored reinforcement wherever a tensile force is required for equilibrium;
  • Use only ductile reinforcement (Class N or better) when the reinforcement is required for strength;
  • Never rely on the concrete’s ability to carry tension (it may not exist);
  • Include adequate quantities of reinforcement for crack control;
  • Ensure steel details are practical and that steel can be fixed and concrete can be satisfactorily placed and compacted around complex details with adequate cover; and
  • Ensure details are economical.

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