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What is Voltage collapse ?
  • It is a system instability or
  • Reduction in voltage
  • It involves many power system components and variables of a particular section of a power system.

Where Voltage Collapse occurs ?
  • Heavily loaded transmission lines
  • Faulted line
  • Reactive power shortage

The nature / behavior of voltage collapse can be studied by examining generation, transmission and
consumption of reactive power.
Generation of reactive power is limited by reactive power compensator limits.

Transmission of real/active power is limited due to

  • High reactive power losses on heavily loaded lines.
  • Limited action of AVR.

Reactive power demand of load increases due to

  • Increase in load
  • Motor stalling

Why Voltage collapse occurs ?

  • Increase in inductive loading
  • OLTC operation
  • Line Outage
  • Generator outage
  • Load recovery dynamics
  • Limit of reactive power compensator and generators.
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