Saturday, November 10, 2018

Achieve - IELTS - Academic Writing Success - By "Julie Hall"

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ACHIEVE IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING SUCCESS provides 16 academic Task One questions and 16 academic Task Two questions*. Each question is followed by a helpful explanation about a specific aspect of IELTS writing. And each question is also followed by an exercise that will help you practice the skills you need to improve your IELTS writing score. In addition, each question in this book is followed by a complete model answer; these model answers will show you 1) how to craft an excellent essay, 2) how the points outlined in the lessons and exercises can be used to improve your IELTS essay writing skills.
In Part 3 of the book, I show how IELTS essays are evaluated. I’ve used some of my own students’ essays to point out some of the strengths and weaknesses of the writing, and have offered guidance towards improving the essays. I’ve also provided sample answers to several of these essay questions, so you can compare a lower band essay with an improved, higher band essay.

  • Broad statement about topic
  • More specific statement about topic (option)
  • Thesis Statement (answers question)
Supporting Paragraph #1
 Topic sentence (introduces topic of paragraph)
  • Supporting sentencesEvidence
  • Examples
Supporting Paragraph #2 
 Topic sentence (introduces topic of paragraph)
  • Supporting sentences Evidence
  • Examples
  • Begins with “In conclusion,” or “To sum up,”
  • Restates Thesis Statement
  • Does not introduce new ideas

Author Details
 "Julie Hall, B.A., M.Ed."

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