Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lecture Note's On HVAC Sizing And Design Principles - Free PDF

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  • Identify code requirements regarding sizing, design, and selection of HVAC equipment and ducts
  • Explain how the ACCA Manual J, S and D load calculation standards are used to determine appropriate sizing and design of ducts and HVAC equipment
  • Describe the role the HVAC system plays in moisture control and the effect excessive moisture has  on building durability and occupant comfort and health
  • Define sensible and latent heat
  • Review a completed load calculation printout for common errors and intentional inputs of incorrect data and identify examples of such errors
  • Compare installed HVAC and duct systems to outputs of Manual J, S, and D to verify proper sizing and design
  • Describe the consequences of improperly sized HVAC systems.

Content :-
2.The systems approach.
3.HVAC Overview.
4.How HVAC systems are sized & selected.
6.Practical applications.

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