Monday, November 12, 2018

Droup Into Genius - Reclaim Your Brilliance - By "Paul R. Scheele"
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The drop Into Genius Books Concept brewed for two years before Alex Mandossian, a Fellow members of the Transformational Leadership council ( Over breakfast in maui), insisted that I start writing-immediately. 
 My Business Partner Chery! valk helped  organize the "Ask Your inner Genius" Campaign, inviting a willing commiunity-of-practice to submit questions that would ultimately shape the book. Though the live teleconference series, participants explored and tested many of the exercises presented here. Their enthusiastic involvement and feedback  became the Foundation for each chapter presented in this book.

CHAPTER 1: Can you transform your life with a single image?
CHAPTER 2: Can you learn and transform in your sleep?
CHAPTER 3: Can you read a book with the palm of your hand?
CHAPTER 4: Can you trust your inner guidance to achieve a big goal?
CHAPTER 5: Can you meditate like a master in three minutes?
CHAPTER 6: Can your help your self and others with a single  touch?
CHAPTER 7: Can you accelerate your learning of anything?
CHAPTER 8: Summary and Next Steps

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"Paul R. Scheele"

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