Thursday, November 8, 2018

How To Sell Yourself - Your Ideas, Your Message - winning Techniques

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This book would not be a reality without the help of three of the key women in my life: Marguerite Savard, who runs my business; Susan Paynter Hasankulizade, who edits my quarterly news-
letter; and my wife, Jean Anne, whose five published novels were part of my literary training.
And I mustn’t forget Robert Patrick O’Connor, the editorwho made all of Jean Anne’s and all of my books happen.

Chapter 1: Selling Yourself
Chapter 2: Selling Your Competence
Chapter 3: Selling Your Likability 
Chapter 4: Selling With Confidence  
Chapter 5: Selling With the Right Signals 
Chapter 6: Selling Yourself As a Speaker  
Chapter 7: Selling Yourself in Confrontation and Media Interviews 
Chapter 8: Selling Yourself in the Classroom 
Chapter 9: Selling Your Product 
Chapter 10: Selling Yourself in the Job Interview 
Chapter 11: Selling Yourself When Testifying 
Chapter 12: Selling Yourself in Meetings  
Chapter 13: Selling Yourself in Negotiations 
Chapter 14: The “Selling Yourself” Handbook 

About the Author 
CHARLES OSGOOD OF CBS saw "Arch Lustberg" at a presentation for the Nevada Governor’s Conference on Tourism and wrote: “Arch has taught the art of effective communications to powerful leaders in government and industry. He’s one of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard. He’s bright,
witty, engaging, and entertaining. Nobody does it better.” His career has been unique and intriguing. He taught speech and drama at the Catholic University of America in Washington,
D.C. for 10 years.
When he left academe, he coproduced the Tony Award-nominated musical Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope. He then co-produced the off-Broadway Outer Critics Circle Award-winning revue Tuscaloosa’s Calling Me, But I’m Not Going.
He produced and directed many record albums in the days of the LP, most notably Grammy Award-winning Gallant Men by the late Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen and The Voice of the
People, a dramatized history of the U. S. Capitol Building, which starred Helen Hayes and E. G. Marshall. Lustberg directed the United States Chamber of Commerce Communicator workshops, training elected officials, business leaders, association executives, and professionals in every field, prior to opening his own business, Arch Lustberg Communications. His client list is a who’s who of business.

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