Thursday, November 15, 2018

How To Write A Business Plan - (Third Edition), By "Brian Finch"

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This book is designed to lead you through writing your own business plan. While there may be some elements of the finished document that would benefit from professional input from an accountant, marketing expert, etc, you should be able to write the main elements of this plan yourself. I believe that it is important for the person who will have to carry out the plan to have ownership of all the ideas in it. One reason for this is that you must also be able to present it in person, which is more difficult if you have not been closely involved in preparing it. A second reason is that writing the plan helps you to hone its contents. Sitting in front of a business partner or prospective investor is a bad time to find you are not utterly familiar with the plan or that there is a hole in the logic you hadn’t thought of. 

1. The structure of the plan 
2. Summary
3. The business background
4. The market
5. Operations
6. Management
7. The proposal
8. The forecast
9. Financial information
10. Risks
11. Legal issues and confidentiality
12. Selling your business
13. Improve performance with a business plan

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"Brian Finch" 

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