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How To Write Better Essays - By "Bryan Greetham"

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By the time we reach university a surprising number of us are convinced that we should know all we need to know about researching and writing essays. We’re inclined to argue that if we’ve got this far we should know how to analyse the implications of questions, read efficiently, take notes, plan and structure arguments, use evidence, and write light and interesting prose. Indeed these skills are the very thing that has got us this far in the first place, so to admit that we could be better at essay writing seems to be an admission that we’re lucky to have got this far. 
In this book you will learn not just the study skills, but the thinking skills too. What’s more, you won’t do this alone. At every step of the way a tutor will be by your side, showing you clear and simple ways of overcoming the most difficult problems. And you choose the essay you want to work on, drawn from the courses you’re taking at your school, college or university.

The Stages
Stage 1 Interpretation of the Question
1. Revealing the structure
2. A practical example 
3. Learning to analyse
4. The three-step technique – Steps 1 and 2
5. Step 3 – Test your concept
6. Brainstorming
7. Flexibility
8. Using the right ability
9. The range of abilities
10. Changing our pattern of study
Stage 2 Research
11. Reading purposefully
12. Processing the ideas
13. Note-taking for analysis and structure
14. Remembering your notes
15. Note-taking for criticism and evaluation
16. Organising your retrieval system
17. Organising your time
18. Your own personal timetable 
Stage 3 Planning
19 Planning that makes a difference
20 Editing and ordering your material
21 Planning for the exam
22 Revising for the exam
Stage 4 Writing
23 Getting your own ideas down
24 Introductions
25 Paragraphs
26 Conclusions
27 Style – Simplicity
28 Style – Economy
29 Working with evidence
30 Plagiarism
31 Referencing and bibliographies
Stage 5 Revision
32 Preserving your best ideas
33 Revising the structure
34 Revising the content

Author Details
"Bryan Greetham" 

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