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A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics (Free PDF)

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Thermodynamics is the science that describes the behavior of matter at the macroscopic scale, and how this arises from individual molecules. As such, it is a subject of profound practical and fundamental importance to many science and engineering fields. Despite extremely varied applications ranging from nanomotors to cosmology, the core concepts of thermodynamics such as equilibrium and entropy are the same across all disciplines.
A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics serves as a concise, conceptual and practical supplement to the major thermodynamics textbooks used in various fields. Presenting clear explanations of the core concepts, the book aims to improve fundamental understanding of the material, as well as homework and exam performance.

Distinctive features include:
  • Terminology and Notation Key: A universal translator that addresses the myriad of conventions, terminologies, and notations found across the major thermodynamics texts.
  • Content Maps: Specific references to each major thermodynamic text by section and page number for each new concept that is introduced.
  • Helpful Hints and Don’t Try Its: Numerous useful tips for solving problems, as well as warnings of common student pitfalls.
  • Unique Explanations: Conceptually clear, mathematically fairly simple, yet also sufficiently precise and rigorous. 

Textbook Guide
0.1 List of Thermodynamics Textbooks by Discipline
0.2 Terminology and Notation Used in This Book
0.3 Terminology and Notation Used in Textbooks
1. About This Book
I Equilibrium
2. Philosophy of Thermodynamics
3. Thermodynamic States, Variables & Quantities
4. Zeroth Law & Thermodynamic Equilibrium
II Energy
5. Molecular Energy, Internal Energy, & Temperature
6. Boltzmann Distribution & the Kinetic Model
III Thermodynamic Change
7. First Law & Thermodynamic Change
8. Work, Heat, & Reversible Change
9. Partial Derivative Quantities
IV Entropy
10. Entropy & Information Theory
11. Entropy & Ideal Gas
12. Second Law & Spontaneous Irreversible Change
13. Third Law, Carnot Cycle, & Absolute Entropy
V FreeEnergy
14. Free Energy & Exergy
15. Chemical Potential, Fugacity, & Open Systems
VI Applications
16. Crazy Gay-Lussac’s Gas Expansion Emporium
17. Electronic Emporium: Free Online Shopping!
VII Appendices
Appendix A: Beards Gone Wild! Facial Hair & the Founding Fathers of Thermodynamics
Appendix B: Thermodynamics, Abolitionism, & Sha Na Na
Appendix C: Thermodynamics & the Science of Steampunk
Steampunk Gallery
Travel Try Its
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