Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Textbook of Production Engineering (Free PDF)

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Modern machining processes presents unconventional machining methods which are gradually commercial acceptance. All aspects of mechanical, electrochemical and thermal processes are comprehensively covered. processes like # Abrasive Jet Machining # Water Jet Machining # Laser Bean Machining # Hot Machining # plasma Arc machining have also been include. It gives a balance account of both theory and applications, contains illustrative exercises and an Extensive Up-to-date bibliography. The book should be useful to students of production and Mechanical engineering, as well ad practising engineers.

* Geometry of Cutting Tools
* Principles of Metal | Machining
* Mechanics of Multi-point Tools
* Theory of Machinability
* Cutting Tools Materials
* Cutting Fluids
* Fundamentals of Machine Tools
* Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
* Transfer Machines
* Tool Layout for Turrets
* Tool Layout for Automats
* Gear Manufacturing
* Manufacture of External Screw Threads
* Grinding, Finishing and Super-Finishing
* Broaching
* Newer Machining Methods
* Jigs and Fixtures
* Theory of Metal Forming
* Press Design
* Forging Die-Design
* Design of Single Point Cutting Tools
* Standards of Measurements
* Linear and Angular Measurement
* Comparators
* Inspection of Screw Threads and Gears
* Acceptance Tests for Machine Tools
* System of Limits and Fits
* Design of Limit Gauges
* Surface Finish and Its Measurement
* Machining Accuracy
* Group Technology
* Process Planning and Cost Estimating.

Author Details
"P C Pandey"
"C K Singh"

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