Monday, December 24, 2018

AHRI Standard 2013: Requirements for Seismic Qualification of HVACR Equipment

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This standard applies to the following Equipment: Fan Coil Units, Unit Ventilators, Air Handling Units, Coils, Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers, Vertical Packaged Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, Packaged Terminal Equipment, Dehumidifiers, Flow and Contaminant Controls, Furnaces, Humidifiers, Liquid Chillers, Thermal Storage Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (including Ductless Equipment), and Water-Source Heat Pumps. This standard does not apply to any other products. This standard describes the methods for equipment qualification and the process to determine equipment Seismic Capacity.

The applicability of this standard to equipment not specifically listed in the scope has not been considered.

Purpose. The purpose of this standard is to define the requirements for seismic qualification of mechanical HVACR Equipment. The 2012 International Building Code® (IBC) includes a number of provisions for seismic design and certification of nonstructural components. These provisions are intended to improve the performance of non-essential and essential nonstructural systems subject to strong ground shaking. Both the IBC and the American Society of Civil Engineers Standard SEI/ASCE 7 (ASCE 7) contain requirements for qualification of Equipment.

Section 1. Purpose 
Section 2. Scope 
Section 3. Definitions 
Section 4. Symbols 
Section 5. Equipment 
Section 6. Seismic Demand
Section 7. Seismic Capacity of Equipment by Analysis
Section 8. Seismic Capacity of Equipment by Testing
Section 9. Report Requirements 
Section 10. Seismic Rating of Equipment 

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