Saturday, December 15, 2018

HVAC Systems Design Handbook, (Fourth Edition)

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Enhanced by more than 300 job-simplifying illustrations and tables, this handbook provides HVAC design professionals with everything they need to design, operate, and maintain peak- performing HVAC systems. 

HVAC Systems Design Handbook, Fourth Edition
Chapter 1: HVAC Engineering Fundamentals: Part 1
Chapter 2: HVAC Engineering Fundamentals: Part 2
Chapter 3: Design Procedures: Part 1 Load Calculations
Chapter 4: Design Procedures: Part 2 General Concepts for Equipment Selection
Chapter 5: Design Procedures: Part 3 Air-Handling Systems
Chapter 6: Design Procedures: Part 4 Fluid-Handling Systems
Chapter 7: Design Procedures: Part 5 Central Plants
Chapter 8: Design Procedures: Part 6 Automatic Controls
Chapter 9: Equipment: Part 1 Cooling
Chapter 10: Equipment: Part 2 Heating
Chapter 11: Equipment: Part 3 Air-Handling Systems
Chapter 12: Electrical Features of HVAC Systems
Chapter 13: Design Documentation: Drawings and Specifications
Chapter 14: After Design: Through Construction to Operation
Chapter 15: Technical Report Writing
Chapter 16: Engineering Fundamentals: Part 1 Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 17: Engineering Fundamentals: Part 2 Thermodynamics
Chapter 18: Engineering Fundamentals: Part 3 Heat Transfer
Chapter 19: Engineering Fundamentals: Part 4 Psychrometrics
Chapter 20: Engineering Fundamentals: Part 5 Sound and Vibration
Chapter 21: Indoor Air Quality
Author Details
"C. Lewis Wilson"

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