Thursday, December 6, 2018

Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook, Volume 1 - Fundamentals of Plumbing Engineering

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This Handbook is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information for the design and specification of plumbing systems. This book contains 12 chapters including such topics as formulas, symbols, and terminology; standards for plumbing materials and equipment; plumbing cost estimates; energy and resource conservation in plumbing systems; corrosion; seismic protection; and acoustics. This important reference will benefit engineers, plumbing system designers, plumbing officials, architects, plant engineers, inspectors, journeymen, students, contractors, and builders.

Chapter 1, Formulas, Symbols and Terminology
Chapter 2, Standards for Plumbing Materials and Equipment
Chapter 3,
Specifi cations
Chapter 4, Plumbing Cost Estimation
Chapter 5, Job Preparation, Drawings, and Field Reports
Chapter 6, Plumbing for People (Or Persons) with Disabilities
Chapter 7, Energy and Resource Conservation in Plumbing Systems
Chapter 8, Corrosion
Chapter 9, Seismic Protection of Plumbing Equipment
Chapter 10, Acoustics in Plumbing Systems
Chapter 11, Basics of Value Engineering
Chapter 12, Green Design for Plumbing Systems

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