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300 Soves Problems in Geotechnical Engineering

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These notes are provided you by professor Prieto-Portar, and in exchange he will be grateful for your comments on improvements.
All problems are graded according to difficulty as follows:
  • Esay: Defines general principles: typical of the PE examination:
  • Slightly more difficult: typical of Master's level problems:
  • Professional level ("real-life") problems.

Chapter 1: Soil Exploration
Chapter 2: Phase Relations of Soil
Chapter 3: Classification of soil and Rocks
Chapter 4: Compaction and Soil Improvement
Chapter 5: Permeability of Soils
Chapter 6: Seepage and Flow-nets
Chapter 7: Effective Stresses and pore Water Pressure
Chapter 8: Dams and Levees
Chapter 9: Stresses in Soil Masses
Chapter 10: Elastic Settlements
Chapter 11: Plastic Settlements
Chapter 12: Shear Strength of Soils
Chapter 13: Slope Stability
Chapter 14: Statistical Analysis of Soils
Chapter 15: Lateral Pressure from Soils
Chapter 16: Braced Cuts for Excavations
Chapter 17: Bearing Capacity of Soils
Chapter 18: Shallow Foundations
Chapter 19: Combined Footings
Chapter 20: Mat Foundations
Chapter 21: Deep Foundations - Single Piles
Chapter 22: Deep Foundations - Pile Groups and Caps
Chapter 23: Deep Foundations: lateral Loads
Chapter 24: Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments
Chapter 25: Steel Sheet Pile Retaining Walls
Chapter 26: MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) Walls
Author Details
 "Luis A. Prieto-Portar PhD, PE"
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Florida International University, Miami, Florida
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