Monday, January 7, 2019

Formula Handbook (6th Edition)

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This handbook was designed to provide engineering students at Aberdeen College with the formulae required for their courses up to Higher National level (2nd year university equivalent).

In order to use the interactive graphs you will need to have access to Geogebra (see 25). If you are using a MS Windows operating system and you already have Java Runtime Environment loaded then no changes will be required to the registry. This should mean that no security issues should be encountered. For Mac and Linux (and for MS Windows if you have problems).

1. Recommended Books
2. Useful Web Sites
3. Evaluation
4. Electrical Formulae and Constants
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Maths for Computing
7. Combinational Logic
8. Mathematical Notation – what the symbols mean
9. Laws of Mathematics
10. Changing the subject of a Formula (Transposition)
11. Simultaneous Equations with 2 variables
12. Matrices
13. The Straight Line
14. Quadratic Equations
15. Areas and Volumes
16. The Circle
17. Trigonometry
18. Complex Numbers
19. Vectors
20. Co-ordinate Conversion using Scientific Calculators
21. Indices and Logs
22. Calculus
23. Statistics
24. Financial Mathematics
25. Recommended Computer Programs
26. Computer Input
27. Using a Spreadsheet to find the ‘best fit’ formula for a set of data
28. Calibration Error
29. SI Units - Commonly used prefixes
30. Electrical Tables

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