Sunday, January 27, 2019

Total HVAC Calculations in One Excel Sheet

File Size: 893 Kb

  • Ventilation Rate, Sizing of Heating & Cooling Loads Press Psychrometric Chart 
  • Duct Sizing & Estimation of System Pressure Loss Press Psychrometric Calcs 
  • Fan Laws, Changes to Fan Duty Press Conversions 
  • Sizing Pressure Relief Outlets, Door Air Loss Press Natural Ventilation by Temp Diff. 
  • Duct Weight & Flange Drilling Press Load Estimate Sheet 
  • Pressure Loss Spreadsheet Press Date Plan Set Up 
  • Sound Attenuation Spreadsheet Press U Values 
  • Preliminary Pipe Sizing Press Hygrometric Sheet 
  • Air Leakage Test Sheet Press Process 
  • Module Temperature Press Noise Addition 

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